Country Mile on BBC Radio Wales

Ray and Chuck were invited to appear on Bethan’s show on Saturday 8th March 2014 to talk about what inspired them to set up the label and to play some recent and future releases…

While it is still there, have a listen to the show on the iPlayer

If you look carefully you can see our first release (a 7″ single by The Grief Brothers) propped up on the desk in the photo below….

We started by playing “Falling and Laughing” by Orange Juice as an example of a perfect indie label. Edwyn Collins was both in the band and co-owner of Postcard Records when it was released in 1980. The 7″ came with a Flexi of the song “Felicity” and is a much sought after rarity nowadays!
If you want to learn more about Postcard Records we recommend you join our mate Steve’s “Postcard Records of Scotland Fan Page” over on Facebook..

Next we played “Where Were You” as our inspiration to form a band. Chuck mentioned that this was the second 7″ by The Mekons as “Never Been In A Riot” was the first. It was noisy & brash and we all thought “I can do that” so we did… Little did we know that 30 years later we would be working with their drummer (at that point as he became their guitarist) Jon Langford on a fantastic new album of songs about Wales with his Men of Gwent. The record is due to be realised in November.
We moved onto releases on the label and played an exclusive preview of “You Can Be Somebody Else’s Baby Now” by The Ash & The Oak from their new album “Survival As a Kind of Triumph” due out in May. It’s going to be another masterpiece judging by what we’ve heard already!


We then played “Sand” by Burning Ferns. This was one of the great tunes that was in the four track demo they sent us. It’s a stone cold classic with chiming Rickenbacker 12 String guitar leading the aural assault!


Buy the CD here
Have a listen if you need persuading here

The next song played was by new Swansea band Heavy Petting Zoo. Their self released CD was our Number 1 Single of 2013 (see full-list). We loved it so much we are working with them to re-release “Broken Bone” on 7″ along with a new track in the near future.


The final track we played was “Millionaire” by Give Me Memphis (with vocal by Andrea from the Darling Buds). This is taken from our CD “Levitation – A South Wales Tribute to Jon Langford”. The album features a number of the best bands from the area reworking some of Jon’s songs. This track was originally recorded by The Mekons. We held a great night to launch it at (the now sadly closed) Legendary TJs in Newport where a large number of the bands performed their tune. The night ended with Jon playing some himself! We released a highly limited DVD of the night (which sold out)


Buy the CD here

Click here to watch The Grief Brothers play “Dollar Dress” at the TJs gig where they are joined by the incredibly talented Jessica Lee Morgan on backing vocals (Jess is Mary Hopkins and Tony Visconti’s daughter fact fans!)

When we’d finished on air Ray gave Bethan this beer mat he’d found in a box of records to take to the gig following the rugby at Twickenham!


Below are some links related to other subjects we discussed on air…

Our main website –
Chucks first label in Carlisle – Matchbox Classics Records
The label in St Albans that Ray followed closely – Waldos Records
Another classic Indie Label – Sarah Records of Bristol
The brilliant Record Shops of South Wales – Diverse and Spillers
Newport’s (if not Wales) best music venue – Le Pub
The Wikipedia entry for The Darling Buds
The Mekons fan site is linked here

Many thanks to Bethan and her Producer Bridget for having us on the show. Maybe we will be invited back at some point to update you all on progress with the new releases?!

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook


Ray & Chuck


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